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  • What does your funeral say about you?

  • Your funeral should reflect your life, your personal wishes, preferences and religious beliefs.

    Why should I pre-plan for a funeral?

    Pre-planning helps to ease the burden of the family members and friends who are left behind. Whether you are pre-planning for yourself, a member your family or close friend, you will need to find out certain family history. History that will be used for writing newspaper obituaries and for certified copies of a death certificate. In addition, favorite hobbies and clubs and organizations will help to personalize the funeral.

    Why should I pre-pay for a funeral?

    When you prepay for the funeral the interest accrued should offset any of the rises in cost that the funeral home can't control, such as the cost of the casket, burial vault (if your cemetery requires one), cemetery/crematory costs, newspaper obituaries, etc..

    How it works is simple.

    The money is placed into a trust account for the funeral. There are two types of trust accounts:

    1). Revocable: You can close the account if you need to.

    2). Irrevocable: The money is only used for the funeral. You can only add money to the account, but you cannot close the account. Such funds are considered excludable resources when SSI/Medicaid or General Assistance eligibility is determined.

    If you have any questions, please call. We're here to help you answer any questions you might have about pre-planning for funeral.

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